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How it works:

—Mayer Computers will pickup your computer from your home or business at no charge.

—We will diagnose your computer and provide an estimate on repair costs.

—If you authorize us to do the work, our diagnosis fee of $60 will be reimbursed.

—If you prefer not to have the work done, you only owe $60 for the diagnosis.

—Mayer Computers will return your computer to your home or business at no charge.


If we can not successfully repair your computer there will be no charge to you.


Labor ——————————————————————- Varies – Please contact us for an estimate

Business Solutions ———————————————— Free estimates

Forgotten Password ———————————————- $35 (Password is removed)

Computer OS Reinstall ——————————————- $75 (Optional + $15 for file backup/restore)

Computer Diagnosis ———————————————- $60 – Will be refunded if Mayer Computers performs repairs.


All prices do not include New Jersey Sales Tax.